More Than a Farm, More Than Food

FarmRoof is more than a farm, its a beacon of sustainability which yields copious amounts of organic, nutrient dense super foods. FarmRoof is a growing rooftop agriculture company, and we are actively looking to partner with building owners and ecopreneurs across the United States and beyond.

Community Supported Agriculture

Community Supported Agriculture farms, also known as CSAs, are sprouting up across America at a rapid rate — lists over 2,500 CSAs in their grassroots database. The growth of CSAs can be largely attributed to people’s desire to be connected with both the people who grow their food and the people who live in their community. It is through CSAs that we meet the farmer, meet our neighbors, and experience the true sense of community.

Ironically, as our world’s population continues to increase, our farm lands continue to dwindle. We are losing valuable farm land to urban sprawl every year. Many fear that soon there will not be enough land to produce food for the World’s massive population. Thankfully, FarmRoof can help reclaim urbanized real estate by establishing working farms on unused rooftops. FarmRoof empowers communities to grow together, even if they are located in the concrete jungle.

Our CSA is now open, CLICK HERE to join!

Opportunities for Restaurants

When a Chef makes the decision to use local produce they get a nod of approval. When a Chef makes the decision to grow fresh, delicious, and organic produce on the wasted rooftop above their restaurant, they get a standing ovation.

When it comes to the issue of seasonal, local and fresh food, there are two types of chefs; those who talk about it, and those who live, breath, and eat it. FarmRoof gives the latter an actual platform from which to speak.

Can your restaurant benefit from a FarmRoof?

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Retail Markets and the FarmRoof Badge

It’s no secret that consumers are willing to pay a premium for fresh, nutritious and local produce. Retailers who want to take local to a whole new level can install a FarmRoof above the very isles that consumers push their carts through. The store now becomes the Farm. Very Cool.

Growing organic Zero-Food-Miles produce makes good economic sense: it cuts out the oil-intensive transportation process as well as all the middlemen along the way. FarmRoof invigorates the local food economy and puts money in the pockets of local businesses and local farmers. Sorry big Agribusiness and Oil Companies, your days are numbered.

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Educational Opportunities

Children exposed to garden-based curriculum are more likely to lead a healthy, responsible and happy life.

With FarmRoof even children who grow up in an urban environment can learn where their food comes from, why eating local nutritious food is so important, and how rooftop gardens benefit the community and the environment. Reconnecting children with the earth, now that’s a noble deed everyone can appreciate.

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FarmRoof University

Look around; do you see a flat roof that could be used to grow local, sustainable, and organic food? While we may be a small company in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, our proprietary technology is modular, scalable, and transferable. If you are an ecopreneur looking to establish an urban rooftop farm that will benefit your local community, environment, and economy, let’s talk! FarmRoof University was established to facilitate the successful transfer of knowledge and skills. Together we will change the world.

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