Super Food,
Super Close!

From our commitment to sustainability and low food mileage comes FarmRoof Greens, a locally grown, organically farmed, and completely delicious super food.

What Is Super Food?

Treat your body to super food and enjoy an ultra-rich source of nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and other elements that supercharge your health and fitness. Reduce your risk of heart disease and cancer. Feel great and satisfied. These life-changing super foods are available at farmer’s markets around Hawaii and are growing in rooftop farms in your neighborhood right now.

FarmRoof Greens are always a smart choice and always good for you, completely organic, natural, and unprocessed — so you get the most benefit from this fresh, unmodified crop. A healthy diet that includes a variety of super foods like FarmRoof Greens will go a long way in helping you to maintain your weight and fight disease.

If you want a steady supply of our ultra-fresh and sustainable super foods, become a member of our CSA. 

The story of FarmRoof Greens

FarmRoof Greens is a super food. You’ve heard of — and likely enjoyed — the açaí berry. Like açaí, FarmRoof Greens are packed with antioxidants, nutrients, and minerals and strongly supplement a healthy macrobiotic diet. But instead of being imported from the Brazilian rainforest thousands of miles away, FarmRoof Greens are grown locally, organically, and sustainably on Hawaii’s rooftops.

FarmRoof Greens are a delicious, healthy combination of high-nutrient-value crops like kale, beet leaves, and asian greens, all grown using our special soil. The FarmRoof growing medium is infused with more than 70 minerals, trace elements, micro-nutrients, and billions of indigenous microorganisms (IMOs), making for a nutritional value much higher than a typical salad.

FarmRoof Greens integrate beautifully into our everyday lifestyle, a super food foundation to the salads we already enjoy.

Our CSA is now open, CLICK HERE to join!

Sustainable packaging for sustainable food

We are proud to package our FarmRoof Greens in Earthcycle packaging. The team at Earthcycle strives to make simple, useful products that won’t add to our ever-growing landfills and the garbage patches across the ocean. Designed with the cycle of nature in mind, Earthcycle packaging returns back to the earth as a healthy contribution to soil. Compostable packaging, such as Earthcycle, is biodegradable if composted in a home or industrial composter. After breaking down in mere weeks, composted Earthcycle packaging releases valuable nutrients into the soil, helping the growth of plants and trees.

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