Different from Ground to Rooftop

From the paradise we call home to the relationships and plants we cultivate, FarmRoof is a truly unique organization. Drawing on decades of experience in engineering and agriculture and a lifetime of passion for the environment, we are excited to share the exciting opportunities FarmRoof provides with our customers and collaborators alike.

Where we’re coming from

Based in Waimanalo on the island of Oahu, FarmRoof was founded by Alan Joaquin in 2008. With a focus on innovation, our company has invested heavily in research and development — the FarmRoof system has been refined both on rooftops throughout Hawaii and at ground level on our mountainside farm. Our proprietary technology promises to forever change both the local food system and the urban landscape. While FarmRoof is rapidly gaining notoriety from Vancouver to New York City, our roots are here in the islands and we’re proud to help our customers build a better tomorrow for Hawaii.

Where we’re going

We are deeply committed to cultivating a sustainable future for Hawaii and beyond. Protecting our planet’s natural resources and ensuring food security is critical to maintaining our cultural, social, and economic health. We are honored to be a part of positive global change — though our primary focus is providing the world’s best rooftop environment for growing culinary herbs, gourmet greens, and heirloom vegetables, we truly believe that with every delicious, organic fruit or vegetable grown, we’re one step closer to a peaceful, progressive, and profitable planet.

“Find the shortest, simplest way between the earth, the hands and the mouth”
—Lanza del Vasto

Who we are

FarmRoof is a privately held Hawaii Corporation founded by Alan Joaquin. With over twenty years of experience in agriculture, engineering, environmental protection, and landscape construction, Alan is the inventor of multiple patents and has been published in technical journals both in the US and abroad.

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